April 10 – Agenda

SLC Meeting Planning Template

Component Details Who will Time & Supplies needed
1.       Introductions Welcome, acknowledgement

Who is in the room, guests

Logistics (food, washrooms, etc)

Shape of the day

Sara and Kelsey
2.       Purpose/ Intentions Intention: Understanding how you apply growth mindset in your life enough that you are able to teach it to others through your activity or presentation.


Intention: Maximize the impact they are able to make within their schools


Intention: Applying Mindset



Kate Lee
4.       Content          i.            How to give an effective presentation within your school

ii.            Friendly Dragon’s Den

iii.            How to provide feedback and peer editing (three stars and a wish)

iv.            Time for planning their presentations



Kelsey Presentation about how to give an effective presentation along with feedback and editing.
3.       Leadership activity

(Cup/Rubber            band game)

         i.            Play the cup/rubber band game without “reminding” them about growth mindset

ii.            Debrief

iii.            Play the cup/rubber band game again with a growth mindset

iv.            Survey



Kate Kim


Sara, Kelsey and Mrs. Ciolfitto will bring cups. Mrs. Ciolfitto will bring rubber bands and string.
Debrief / Journal What sticks? What challenges?  How did the activity connect to the purpose for you as an individual?




Closure Thank you

Tasks / homework to do before next meeting

Collect duotangs

Check you have all belongings.








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