Oct 4 – Secondary General Meeting Minutes

SLC Secondary School Minutes – Oct 4-2nxbrp2



General Information  
Date Thursday October 4, 2018
Chairs of SLC Stuart Vickaryous and Trinity Wolfe
Location and Room Gleneagle Secondary
Guests (incl. Trustees) Trustee Carol Cahoon

Trustee Chuck Denison

Trustee Barb Hobson

Curriculum Coordinator Michelle Ciolfitto

Leadership Teacher Adam Hayes





4:10 Introduction of Executive Council members and guests

Acknowledgement of Territories

Icebreaker: Move Your Butt!

Presentation: What is SLC?

4:25 Renee reminds everyone of the key points from the last meeting: core values, and what it takes to be a leader. She encourages us to go back to the questions that we made for ourselves revolving core values. Students recall the questions they made about themselves. Students share how they used what they learned last meeting about their own values in their everyday life since. Renee reminds students to continue to think about their personal core values and incorporate them into their lives.

Goal: SLC is trying to support students with their initiatives and passions

4:30 Group breaks into smaller groups of about 5-7 for discussions.


* How did you approach the challenge from the last meeting?

* Have you met it?

* How can these meetings be planned to facilitate your personal growth


Students write down their answers to these questions

* What would you like to accomplish this year in SLC?

* What initiative(s) are you passionate about?

* What do you want to improve in your school? District?

Students write initiatives that they are interested in on cue cards. Students socialize and talk about plans, personal growth, and things they are passionate about.


Sara instructs students to start to build consensus. In their groups; students discuss common bonds between the initiatives they shared

Students choose 1,2, or 3 initiatives that they all agree on. Students hammer out and make the initiatives a little more concrete and detailed initiatives.

Students discuss initiatives that they can get involved in within their school.


Students are given two sticky notes and vote for two initiatives that they are most interested/passionate about.


Students now pick one initiative that they are very passionate about and would “stick with until June”. Students are in new groups, each group consisting of people with a common passion for their initiatives. Students discuss and exchange information with one another.

5:43 Students are given a sheet to fill out and bring with them for next meeting. Students are encouraged to take a lead and organize themselves. Goals: for November meeting to be prepared to start planning and taking action with their initiative.






Website: www.slcsd43.org

Email: slc@sd43.bc.ca

Instagram/Facebook/Twitter: @slcsd43




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