Nov 7 – Middle School General Meeting Minutes

General Information  
Date Wednesday November 7th, 2018
Chairs of SLC Trinity Wolfe and Stuart Vickaryous
Location and Room Scott Creek Middle School, Multi-Purpose Room
Special Guests Assistant Superintendent Reno Ciolfi

Curriculum Coordinator Michelle Ciolfitto



Time Introduction



·         Introductions of Executive Council and Special Guests

·         Acknowledgement of the Territories

·         Logistics and making sure everyone signed in


Time Icebreaker




·         “House of Cards” activity started

·         Groups of 3-4 people from school groups work together

·         Students then discuss and reflect on the activity


Time Activities




















·         The students are read the novel “Oh the Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss, which has a theme of resiliency

·         Reflection questions are handed out for the students to answer based on the novel

·         Students are then split up and put into “colour groups” based on the colour of their duo-tangs

·         Second icebreaker (share your name and favourite hobby)

·         Share-out with the group on the reflection questions

·         Then students share their responses to the entire group and reflect on them

·         Tarp activity – students work in groups to flip a tarp and test their levels of resiliency

·         Debrief on the activity is conducted after

·         Students then share their group’s responses to the entire group about challenges, struggles and strategies

·          Video on how our brains use resiliency is shown to give students more knowledge on the topic

·         As a group, students then talk about what resiliency is

·         PowerPoint about resiliency, the steps to be resilient and importance of it is shown

·         Group discussion on how resiliency was used in the meeting and activities today

·         Duo-tangs collected, and everyone is thanked for coming to the meetings


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